StoryMatters Funnel Built

Let's Make History Together. 

If your message can change people's lives, we want to help you tell a story that will inspire people to invest in a better future.  


"If you speak to everyone, you speak to nobody"

Samuel P.N. Cook

StoryMatter Academy

During our coaching sessions, we will discover:  

  • Detailed Step-by-Step Coaching Plan On How To Build a Successful Online Funnel To Grow Your Business

  • Your Business Strategy Created Together With Your Marketing Coach and Project Manager

  • Accurate Guidance Through All the Technical Setup For Your Sales Funnel

  • All the Execution of Your Online Sales Funnel From Our Team

  • All the Copywriting for Your Sales Funnel

Receive What is not valued in money 

❗️CAUTION❗️This course will increase number of leads and money flow in your company

"With great power comes great responsibility" - Uncle Ben


In StoryMatters Funnel Built, we will provide a comprehensive plan which includes:


Extracting Mentor's Expertise

  • Charismatic Mentor

  • Mentor's Elements

  • Mentor's Roles

  • Mentor's Stories

  • Story, Teach, Tool, Action

  • Mentor's Superpower

  • Mentor's Expertise


Discovering Your Hero

  • Deep Dive Survey

  • Target Niche Concept

  • Validating Target Niche

  • Target Niche Statement

  • Before & After Grid

  • Customer Avatar Worksheet

  • Empathy Map Canvas


Crafting Hero's Story

  • Clarifying The Story

  • Power Of Storytelling

  • Hero's Journey Concept

  • Writing Hero's Story

  • Hero's Journey In Action

  • One-Liner Message


Week 7-8

Creating Your Offer

  • Value Ladder

  • Statement Of Value

  • Value Proposition Canvas

  • Offer Structure

  • Funnel Strategy

  • Funnel Mapping


Building your funnel

  • Funnel Assets Preparation

  • Funnel Pages Setup

  • Funnel Quiz Setup

  • Funnel Emails & Automations Setup

  • Analytics & 3rd Party Software Setup

  • Pre-Launch Funnel Testing


Launching your funnel

  • LTV & CAC calculations

  • Facebook ads strategy

  • Facebook ads creatives (copy and Images) 

  • Facebook ads setup

  • Launch strategy

  • Facebook Ads Management (2-month after Launch)

Here Is What's Included In The StoryMatters Funnel Built 

✓ 4 Core Training Modules to learn and create the foundation for you marketing funnel that will bring you leads and customers(You will be personally guided through the Modules by your Project Manager)

✓ 16 Coaching Calls with JCM CEO Vadim Kramarenko to help you get through the program and launch your funnel successfully. 

✓ 7 days a week support from our tech and marketing team to stay in touch  and  help  you  with  any  technical  or  marketing  challenges  (23 months period)

✓ Private 1-on-1 Access to your personal Marketing Coach to help you with any issue via email, FB messenger or whatsapp (during 3 months period)

✓ Full Execution Of Your Quiz Funnel from Our Marketing and Technical Team 

✓ Full Copywriting Done For your Quiz Funnel using proven-to-convert templates and guides from the best marketing practices we learned in the last few years 

✓ 2 Coaching Calls with your dedicated Tech Specialist to help you with your technical funnel setup (during 3 months period)

✓ Dedicated Graphic Designer assigned to your project to create your funnel designs (Images, Video Covers, Image Ads, Etc) 

✓ Sales Video Scripting for Your VSL and Videos Ads using proven-to-convert templates and guides from the best marketing practices we learned in the last few years  

✓ Funnel Optimization & Facebook Ads Management (2-month included) 

$54,600 in Value, Just $17,695 Today

Let's go!


Sales Video Training Class by Samuel Cook: Sales Training (2-hour long recording) 

Live Class From Samuel Cook: Sales Film Training. How to Create Story Based Sales Videos Ads (6-hour Training) 

GET all bonuses and main program only for 17,695$


StoryMatters Funnel Built

 Attract your true audience and convert prospects into loyal customers. 

  • 4 Core Training Modules - $1,200 value

  • 16 Coaching Calls with JCM CEO Vadim Kramarenko - $16,000 value

  • 7 days a week support - $1,000 value

  • Private 1-on-1 Access to your personal Marketing Coach - $1,000 value

  • 2 Coaching Calls with your dedicated Tech Specialist - $1,000 value

  • Full Execution Of Your Online Sales Funnel  - $10,000 value

  • Full Copywriting Done For your Quiz Funnel  - $15,000 value

  • Dedicated Graphic Designer  - $2,000 value

  • Sales Video Scripting for Your VSL and Videos Ads - $1,000 value

  • Funnel Optimization & Facebook Ads Management - $5,000 value

  • Sales Video Training Class by Samuel Cook - $200 value

  • Live Class From Samuel Cook - $200 value 




What People Say about StoryMatters

Jack Vincent CEO, Elanity Network Partner GmbH
It changed my thinking about marketing ... The result is really, really good
Wanda Nowak Wandalicious
It completely redefined what marketing is for me ...I'm really excited to get back to the office and make it happen.
Michele Wyngaard Owner, Dynamic Dental
I made a really good investment in myself and the benefit that I will gain from that in future.

A Proven Track Record of Producing Results


The Original Sales Film that Produced $250,000 in 6 months.

James Cook Media started it's career working for Triathlon Companies. Our first major launch for 7-Time Olympic Running coach Bobby McGee produced $250k in Revenue in 6 months. This was the result of our investment in learning and developing the Sales Film Funnel Process.


Sales Films Perfected: Our sales film system generated two $1MM+ marketing funnels.

After our initial success with Bobby McGee, James Cook Media perfected the StoryTelling successfully launched the TriDot Software Brand and the Total Immersion Academy. Both marketing campaigns have led to 7-Figures in Revenue.


James Cook Media settles in Krakow and starts building Marketing Funnel Technology.

After successfully launching 4 different Triathlon Brands, James Cook Media set it's HQ in Krakow, Poland and started building landing page and quiz technology. During this time, James Cook Media founded Triathlon Research, our first publishing venture. Triathlon Research made $1.2 MM in sales in 16 months based on the advanced funnel technology


James Cook Media's Film Work & Funnel Technology Produces $1.8 MM in 10 Months

In January, 2016, James Cook Media headquarters relocated to Warsaw, Poland to build a world-class video agency. Our investment in top level video teams in house and the development of our advanced funnel quiz technology created a blockbuster result for our client Peter Sage. He grew his business from $200k per year to $1.8 MM in just 10 months.


James Cook Media Launches the World's Top FREE Online Training Program

In March 2017, James Cook Media produced the original StoryMatters MasterClass that over 75,000 business owners around the world have joined. Through this MasterClass, JCM Founder Samuel P.N. Cook started coaching and working with several business owners and marketers to pass on his knowledge. By working with over 100 business owners in high level coaching, in-person workshops, and online video training, James Cook Media developed a proven, repeatable methodology for teaching digital storytelling to small business owners and marketers.


James Cook Media Launches a paid Marketing Training Academy & Marketing Software

In August, 2018, James Cook Media launched the StoryTelling in the Digital Age Paid MasterClass. In October 2018, it launched the StoryMatters Academy with the StoryFunnel Software. In just 2 years, James Cook Media's funnel has generated over $2 MM in revenue for it's marketing services, online training, and software without any investment. In August, 2018, James Cook Media moved it's Headquarters to Kiev, Ukraine. In Kiev, it has setup a technology and customer service operation to go along with it's development HQ in Krakow, Poland, and it's film agency offices in Warsaw, Poland.


Angel Investment Journey for StoryFunnel Software

After hiring a high-end UI/UX designer in 2018, and engaging additional developers to build a SaaS worthy product, we decided to raise money for Software development for James Cook Media. In August 2018, Brad Furber of Aery Advisors joined the StoryMatters Workshop as a client to help market Aery Advisors to young startup founders who needed money to raise capital. In May of 2019, James Cook Media engaged Brad to help build and execute our fundraising strategy and begin raising money for the investment. in James Cook Media.


SanityDesk is Founded

After raising our first $50,000 in Angel Investment, we formed SanityDesk was founded as a SaaS startup. We chose our Corporate Headquarters in downtown, Austin Texas to tap into the marketing tech and digital marketing thought leadership community. Our tech and main support offices remain in Kyiv, Ukraine. With Aery Advisors Principal, Brad Furber as Chairman, we formed our advisory board with the first members out of Austin, including 4 X NY Times Best-selling author and founder of Scribe Media, Tucker Max.


Additional Services You Might Consider

✓ Website (We design, build, & write all the copy for your 5 page website -  Homepage, About Us, Services, Blog Page, Contact Us) - $3,000 value

✓ Facebook Ads Management, per month (after 2 month period) - $1,000 value. 

✓ Funnel Optimization & Facebook Ads Management, per month (after 2 month period) - $2,500 value

✓ Video Shooting & Editing, per day of filming (8 hours) - $5,000 value

Let's launch your business to the start together