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If your message can change people's lives, we want to help you tell a story that will inspire people to invest in a better future

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We help Experts Change the World

Our mission is to help the world's best teachers change the world by telling better Stories.

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We have a culture of StoryTelling

Stories matter. But characters matter most in stories. Our team is full of amazing characters.

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The Future of Digital Publishing

It started with the dream of 2 brothers. We have spent the last seven years creating the future of digital publishing.

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StoryTelling in the Digital Age Podcast

Ideas matter. Since the invention of StoryTelling, through today and into the future. Story Matters. Now, more than ever. The StoryTelling in the Digital Age Podcast explores the history and the future of publishing.

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About James Cook Media


We are an eclectic group of StoryTellers, film-makers, artists, and developers committed to creating the future of storytelling in the digital age. Founded by Samuel P.N. Cook - a historian with a passion for film-making and technology - James Cook Media is re-inventing StoryTelling in the Digital Age

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Creating the Future of Digital Publishing



For the last 7 years, James Cook Media has been thinking about and creating the future of publishing. Read about the story of how it started, and where it is going from here.

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Meet Samuel P.N. Cook, the founder of James Cook Media, who is passionate about creating the future of publishing in the digital Age. Samuel P.N. Cook served as a U.S. Cavalry Officer and an Assistant Professor of History of the United States Military Academy at West Point.

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What People have to Say about StoryMatters

Peter Schröder CEO, Elanity Network Partner GmbH
It changed my thinking about marketing ... The result is really, really good.
German Coppola Founder, YUMIWI
It completely redefined what marketing is for me ...I'm really excited to get back to the office and make it happen.
Michele Wyngaard Owner, Dynamic Dental
I made a really good investment in myself and the benefit that I will gain from that in future.


We help Authors, Coaches, Experts, and Business Owners tell Powerful Stories that change lives.

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