5 Reasons To Fix Your Content Marketing

Dariia Kotman

Nov 18, 2020

There are many perks and benefits that content marketing brings to your business, but the main purpose is that it’s the key to organic traffic. It doesn’t always mean that it is cheaper than paid ads, but with proper content strategy, a little bit of creativity, and patience you can really make a difference. Let’s puzzle out 5 main reasons why you need to fix your content marketing.
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№1: To Spread Awareness Of Your Brand

Before attracting new followers think about how you can get the attention of the current ones. Today there are multiple variations on how you can deliver your message and vision through social media, blogging, vlogging, online webinars, and, sometimes, just fun meaningless content (like memes), which just makes you closer to your audience. Posting frequently and regularly means a constant presence in your followers’ timeline, which will spread awareness of your brand.

№2: To Build Trust Around Your Brand

Out of all the reasons, this one is the most important. Marketing is like dating. If your customers don’t see your brand as a reliable source of service and information, you won’t be able to build that happy healthy long-term relationship with them.

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So, providing them with valuable content daily will not only grab their attention but will also make you look trustworthy.

№3: To Stand Out From The Crowd

Before making a content marketing plan, we, at James Cook Media, suggest you knock on the social media pages of your competitors and check what they are doing there. This can be a good portion of inspiration and, generally, a good start, if you don’t have any ideas on your own yet. Competitors' research will also help you understand what makes your brand special and what content you should create in order to stand out.

№4: To Generate Organic Leads

As we mentioned before, one of the main purposes of content marketing is bringing organic traffic. Basically, producing engaging content makes your followers personal promoters and advocates of your brand. People like sharing everything they may find valuable, funny, entertaining, and widely useful with other people or on their personal page.
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№5: To Convert Followers Into Customers

This along usually an often question for many business owners: how to convert followers into paying clients? You need to understand that everything in this world works by the same rule: to get something you need to give something first. Content marketing can be a solution. First, you provide your followers with valuable content, passing the awareness stage, building their trust, and increasing their interest in the brand, then they transform into customers.
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And one of the first things that you need to experience is... to see how it all works in action.

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Written by:

Dariia Kotman

Content Creator

Nov 18, 2020


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