Copywriting Guide [13 crucial rules]

Dariia Kotman

May 14, 2021

Here are 13 basic rules for your copy.


1. Write as you speak 

Write casually. Use a lot of pronounces. Don’t overload your copy with complicated words.

2. Shorten your sentences 

Write with an eraser. Use periods, not commas. Long sentences give headaches.

3. Don’t use passive voice

One of the reasons for long, awkward, and complicated sentences. Remember, we don’t like it.

4. Be specific

If you talk to everyone you talk to no one. Be concrete about who you refer to.

5. Avoid “landing page words”

Unlock, unleash, enhance, exceed, empower, supercharge, etc. No one talks like this.
tip5 (1).jpg

6. No one cares what you can

Concentrate not on the features of the product, but the gains for your customers.

7. Format your writing

Separate your text with paragraphs and points.

8. Don’t lose your personality

9. No adverbs, fewer adjectives, more verbs

Verbs urge to action. Adverbs are fuzzy. They puzzle your sentence for no reason.
tip12 (1).jpg

10. Don’t forget CTA

Writing is for novels, copywriting is for selling. Lead your customer with a clear call to action.

11. The headline is crucial

12. First line is crucial

13. Use storytelling

Stories help people connect with a brand and its product. Stories make it memorable.

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Written by:

Dariia Kotman

Content Creator

May 14, 2021


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