How to Create a Selling Website Step by Step

Valeriia Pavlenko

Oct 27, 2021

If you are building your digital marketing strategy, a website is definitely what you should have to promote your products and services, as well as to handle the orders. However, not every website is a selling one.

​​A selling website is a powerful tool aimed to increase online sales. Its main goal is to motivate a prospect to take the target action: register, leave a request, pay for the order.

Keep reading and we will reveal the secret of creating a good selling website.

Website Development

Step 1: Formulate a hypothesis

Think over and write down the following points:

  • The essence of the offer.

  • How it is unique in comparison with existing solutions.

  • Who it is addressed to, namely, your target audience.

  • What problems it solves or what needs it satisfies.

Step 2: Find Your Target Audience

How to find your audience:

  • If you have a client base already, conduct a survey on your audience demographics and product demand (how they expect their problem to be solved, what type of product they’re looking for).

  • If you were your ideal client, what pains do you have, what is your before and after state when using your product and service? Write it down on a separate sheet.

  • Examine reviews on competitors' websites;

  • View discussions on forums and in relevant groups in social networks.

Step 3: Conduct a Competitive Research

To stand out from other offers and explain to the visitor why yours is better, you need to research your competitors.

How to do it? See what Google offers in response to search queries.

You can look for popular queries on Google Keyword Planner, Semrush, or Ahrefs, for instance:

Keywords research ahrefs

Then enter the relevant keywords into the search bar and examine the competitors' pages.

Competitors can not have a website, selling through social networks. Therefore, it makes sense to study the offers on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Make a spreadsheet with a list of competitors. Distribute into columns the names of competitors, their pricing, the essence of the offer, warranty service, etc. Describe your proposal on the first line in the table. Thus, you will clearly see your advantages and the aspects in which you are losing to competitors.

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Step 4: Write the Copy

Now, we already have a description of the product, its strengths and weaknesses, information about competitors, and the target audience. We’re all set to create the website.

A simple website should consist of:

  • A header: a logo, company name, what it does, contacts.

  • Unique selling proposition: convey in one sentence the essence of your offer, the main benefit for the target audience, and why it is better than the competitors.

  • Call to action: encourage the visitor to buy or subscribe to a newsletter with the “Buy” or “Subscribe” buttons.

  • Description of products/services: description of features, product photos, screenshots, videos, tables.

  • Use cases/testimonials: describe situations in which the product or service will be useful / provide reviews by existing clients.

  • About the company: prove expertise, explain why you can be trusted.

  • How to buy/order: explain how the person will get the desired result, provide purchase instructions.

  • Pricing.

  • FAQ: ​​handle objections.


You have already created the main blocks of the landing page, selected photos, and videos. Now you’re ready to put together a selling website. There are various tools on the web you can use to create a website. A compelling analysis of them is about to come on our blog. Stay tuned to keep on top of the market with the StoryMatters Academy!

Written by:

Valeriia Pavlenko

Marketing manager

Oct 27, 2021


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