Why Story Matters? [Now More Than Ever]

Dariia Kotman

Feb 23, 2021

Every brand starts with a person. Every person has a story. It’s never been easier to get your story out there. The problem is that it’s never been harder to get people to listen or to care.

Today everyone has a smartphone and everyone can roll over in bed at 2 a.m. and stream themselves live. As a result, there’s never been more noise and pollution online. So how can you as a leader and expert get your message out there?


1. Personalize Your Brand

A powerful and inspiring story is a very important attribute in business. Think about today’s market and all the most successful brands. Apple, Nike, Facebook, Coca-Cola, Tesla... Some of their stories were transformed into movies, isn’t it the greatest example?

We don’t get attached to beautiful websites and don’t buy from brochures. We buy from you personally.

2. Be Different. Be Honest

True inspiring stories are those which tell about your every step on the ladder to success, up and down. We don’t buy stories where everything is perfect, with no obstacles and losses, only triumph from the start. It just doesn’t sound real, nor trustworthy.

So, don’t be scared to share and truly connect with your ideal customers. Honesty is the key to people’s hearts.

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3. Build Trust

Business is not about business, it’s about people. The next rule (after being honest) is to be yourself. Unfortunately, there is no camera that can hide hesitations, uncertainty, or lies. Live stories of real people help to build trust around the brand.

These are just basic steps for connecting to your audience. In Storytelling in Digital Age Masterclass we talk more detail about the art of storytelling and answer next questions:

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Written by:

Dariia Kotman

Content Creator

Feb 23, 2021


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