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  • StoryMatters Sales Framework (our step-by-step guide packed with proven techniques to sell your service with confidence to anyone)
  • Bonus MasterClass Lesson: Building Your Online Funnel (Personal Journeys)
German Coppola Founder, YUMIWI
It completely redefined what marketing is for me ...I'm really excited to get back to the office and make it happen.

Here’s Our ‘You Love Us or Leave Us’ Guarantee


Trying one of the storytelling techniques you’re about to discover would pay for this tiny $29 investment over and over again.


We get that you don’t know us. And, honestly, at just $29, we don’t see much value in writing out a big, long 10,000-word page to answer all your questions and objections. So, let do this:

Here is my 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee:

Go through everything.  

Watch the videos, check our resource guide.

Take advantage of a free coaching call, and then, if you are not happy - ask for a refund. 

If at that point you aren't 100% satisfied with our training, or the support you received, or if you don’t think the course is worth more than you paid for, then you may get a full and immediate refund. 

In other words, if a refund is necessary to best serve you, then, of course, we do not want your money.  But we do require for you to make an honest effort before pulling the pin. That means watching the videos and doing a call with your Personal StoryMatters Advisor. 

Get access to The StoryTelling in the Digital Age MasterClass while it’s still $29 and put it away for when you need it!