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Transcript for Lesson #3

Hey, it's Sam, and welcome to the third video preparing you for your appearance on The Story Matters podcast. And if you're watching this video, it's because you want to look and sound great. And that's a great idea.

A lot of people go on podcasts, go on videos, I've directed hundreds of clients or video shoots and had many guests on multiple podcasts throughout the years. And you'd be surprised at how many people show up and actually hurt their brand. Not help their brand, because they get a couple of basic things wrong.

Now here's the thing. You're on a podcast. And what you need to do when you show up on the podcast is be respectful of your listener, and there's two golden rules to abide by when you get on a podcast number one, most people are listening only to the podcast although we are videoing it we are going to put it out there on YouTube. Most people are podcast listeners will listen to it. And even if you do have a video, the first rule of the video is to have great sound. You can get by with a bad picture, but you can't get by with bad sound, especially on podcasts.

People will literally stop listening to it. 

So that's why we have you go buy a production quality, high-quality microphone. And if you can't afford that microphone, not a problem, that's fine, go earn some money come back. When you do afford that microphone. If you're not willing to make that investment and have a nice quiet high-quality production quality microphone, they're not expensive for your appearance on the podcast; then we want to be respectful of our audience and their listening experience.

And the second big thing is just how to have a good background behind you. We're not expecting you to go buy a nice camera; you can use whatever's on your laptop, do make sure you're in front of a laptop, not on your phone.

We're not going to do a zoom interview with you while you're walking around in a park in a stable, quiet, well-lit place, with a good background behind you. We're going to show you how to make the lighting look right so that you don't look like a ghost. You don't have distracting things in the background.

While you're talking to [...], your audience's focus is completely on you, the sound of your beautiful voice with your great microphone, and the message that you want them to hear. Rather than the background the job of the background on a video is actually to make you the center of attention, not to distract people. That's one of the big mistakes people make. And we'll show you how to avoid that on our podcast.

So, thank you for getting yourself ready to look and sound great on our podcast. It's really important to our audience. I'll see you in the next video, which is how to sell to our audience with storytelling. And that's going to be a great video for you to really digest and get ready to connect with our audience.

So I'll see you on the next video.

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