#3: How to Sell Effectively to Our Audience

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Transcripts for Lesson #3 

Hey, it's Sam and welcome to number three your video to prepare to make your appearance and have great results, connect with our audience and maybe even sell a few of your products or services with them on The Story Matters podcast, and the subject of this is how to sell to our audience.

Now, this may sound counterintuitive, because you'd say yourself, why do you want me to sell to my audience? Isn't that not allowed on a podcast? And I'm going to say to you, there's two ways to answer that. Yes and no. And yes, first of all, you're right, your gut instinct is we're not going to have you do an elevator pitch or a pitch at the end of the podcast. For your product or service, you're not going to get out there and rattle off an offer and give people a special time limited discount, and all that kind of stuff.

That's not what we mean by selling to our audience. What we mean is you sell to our audience by understanding the principles of storytelling and storytelling, which we have a ton of free training for which you can click on and get on the link right below this video is the heart of what our audience studies and what They use to influence their audience.

So really, it's simple to sell to our audience is to understand and appreciate and be respectful of the process of storytelling and story-based selling. So if you want to really understand that watch the free video series that I've prepared for you the free mini-course, The Story Matters mini-course, you can also take the Storytelling IQ test, which has our paid masterclass access, which you can just see how our different funnels work.

And when you go through these links that I have prepared for you'll see how we do our selling process, we have two different paths.

You can explore both of them and see how we sell to our audience, and we also help clients build this out and, and, really the, the key thing to understand on this podcast is tell your story authentically. With these things in mind. Who is your audience? Okay? I've explained to you our audiences and last video so go back and review that, if you if you don't remember. Talk to them about something that's relatable to them. Meaning tell your story in a way that's relatable to them as a new business owner just getting started, what was it like, and then tell them about your hero's journey, which is your trials and tribulations. 

And again, I go over the hero's journey in detail in my free training, and really be able to tell what you went through to be to become successful because our audience wants to be like you, which is successful.

And then finally, talk about a free offer at the end, we're not gonna let you pitch something. But we are going to say how can someone get in touch with you at the end of this, and be able to create a landing page for that free offer, which you're welcome to give out a URL just for our audience to have something that is free of value. And after that, if they do go and sign up for that, you're welcome to do whatever you want with them afterwards. In that funnel, you can sell them your offer after you give them your free content, but I'm just going to ask you to very respectfully offer something for free value. It can also be something that no one else would, would get. That's even better. But even if it's just a free offer that everyone has access to point them to it. And then after they get into your funnel, your story based funnel, as we build them for our clients, you're welcome to sell people, whatever you want. And that's what our clients do; they always offer something for free, which is a story-based educational process. And then they can sell whatever they want after that.

So that's how to sell our audiences how they're used to being sold. And that's how you can be respectful of them and get your message out there, inspire them, and then they're really going to want to go hear more about you and how you can help them become successful like you did.

So go ahead and watch the next video. If you'd like to learn more about storytelling, it's another video I've prepared, which is more details about the storytelling process. If you'd like to learn more details about that, to prepare for this podcast the final video is just going to be us giving you the list of questions you need to prepare for the podcast, which we'll also talk about in the pre-interview before you appear on the podcast with our host.

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