#5. How to double your impact + What questions I'll ask you

Transcript for the Lesson #5  

Hey, it's Sam Cook, and welcome to the final video about preparing for your appearance on The Story Matters podcast. 

So you can tell your story, connect with our audience, inspire them to start following you go into your story, your funnel, and maybe even someone will become lifetime customers of yours and raving fans of you because that's what we're doing this podcast for is to bring in your audience, our audience together with all the other audiences. 

The podcast guests that have been on here who love storytelling are congruent with that so they can be exposed to more great people like you. 

So what we're going to do on this podcast is we're going to sit here and ask you to tell your story. Now it's a framework rather than a list of questions, but the way the podcast is going to work is very simple.

First of all, you need to put yourself back at the beginning of your journey as an author and expert. Talk about your before your hero's journey starts the hero's journey framework that I talked about in the last video.

What was your call to adventure? What inspired you to become an author and expert? What was your past before you? You decided to do it because everyone starts somewhere before they become a teacher, what made you qualified to go out and teach? 

The second thing we're going to ask you is to talk about what it's like to cross the threshold and go out there and start your author, expert business, what were the trials and struggles? Who are your mentors, great successes, epic failures, you know, challenges along the way? And then inevitably, when you get started, things are really exciting on your author's journey. And then you're gonna have roadblocks, you may have had a year where you almost went out of business in 2020. As I'm filming this, that's almost everyone in the world right now. Or, you know, maybe it was during the Great Recession in 2008 or sometime before that you had a dramatic moment, probably in your business where you were struggling, you were having a lot of success, but then you figured it out, and you kind of broke out, and you reach the pinnacle for an author and expert, which is where you became successful, and you're running your business because if you think about our audience, they all are on the hero's journey you're on if they were on this podcast already, they be in the same position. 

So the ones listening want to be where you are; they want to inspired by your success, your story. And what they're going to do is they're going to listen to that story and say, Wow! You know, whether you're teaching about health or business or finance or fitness or whatever, say, wow, I can see myself doing that, even if they don't have the same business as you. Even if they're not selling information products, or they're an author and expert per-se. They're going to see how what you did can inspire them to get through the same challenges that they have. 

And then finally, once you've done that, we're just going to ask you, there's going to be a lot of follow up questions as you're telling your story. I'm gonna ask you to reflect upon your journey and offer just one concrete tip. If you were to go back and do it all over again, what would you wish you knew, then that you knew now just give something concrete that you can point someone to Now this could be part of your free offer that's included in that or it could be a free resource like when I pointed out the hero's journey framework that we didn't create. We'd love to use whatever that is give them a discreet, concrete, actionable tip that they can go on, based on your journey that you've shared with them. 

And then finally, we're going to talk about how people who loved your episode can connect with you, they can follow you, they can subscribe for your podcast, your newsletter, sign up for your story based funnel where you're showing people your story, sorry, the story that they can live with you because we actually teach storytelling where it's not about your story. 

It's about the story of the people you're trying to help, and they can see the story you've created for them that will inspire them to invest in a better future with what you do for them your product and service so go ahead and make sure you understand that framework those four things your before you started your adventure, what it was like this launcher adventures and author and expert, great trials, tribulations you had then finally, any huge challenges that you had to fight through, who helped you through those challenges and helped you get to where you are today as a model of success for our audience. 

And then finally, a concrete tip, it can but does not need to include your free offer at the end. But I would recommend that you create a landing page to give to our audience that offers them a chance to connect with you, get in touch, even if it's just your contact us page and your website that's better than nothing. But ideally, some kind of free content that's valuable, that will entice them to come up and give you their contact details and become part of your audience. 

So I hope this was helpful. 

I hope you're now 100% ready to get on the podcast; you're ready for the pre-interview, we'll go through your sound lighting, make sure that you're ready. Once you get through that will schedule your time to speak to your host. And you'll be a guest on The Story Matters podcast, connect with The Story Matters audience of over 150,000 people, inspire them with your story, and maybe even get a few of them as your customers. 

So thank you again for joining our podcast. Joining the community. I look forward to seeing how the podcast helps you grow your business.

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