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  • Develop a real Business Strategy so you can understand WHO do you serve and WHAT value you deliver to your clients

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To get World Class marketing you need to invest either time or money.

You really have 3 choices when it comes to investing in your marketing. 

1) If you don't have money, but you have time - You need to invest in a do-it-yourself marketing training program with the software to deliver it.

When you consider a program you want to follow, you need to make sure you find something with a proven strategy. Then you need to make sure you have the technology to deliver this strategy.

This is exactly why we created the StoryMatters Academy. It has both the training and the software you need to plan and build your marketing.

2) If you have some time and some money - If you have the time to invest in your marketing, but you want to get the highest possible chance of success, you should consider investing in a marketing coach.

When you hire a marketing coach, you need to find someone with a proven track record of success.

This is why we developed the StoryMatters Academy 1-on-1 or Group Coaching packages with our team. 

3) If you have money but no time - If your business is doing well, then you probably have little time to devote to learning and mastering marketing.

In this case, you need to invest in a world-class team with a track record of success. A team that has built funnels with the results you are expecting.

This is why we developed the StoryFunnel build program with James Cook Media Founder, Samuel P.N. Cook. 

Hire Sam and his team to build your funnel for you.

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What People Say about Working with James Cook Media

Jack Vincent
Jack Vincent S.C.O.R.E© Selling System
Having it all laid out for you. You can just see how effective it was. I loved it!
Wanda Nowak
Wanda Nowak Wandalicious
No matter where you are in your business, the StoryMatters system has something for you.
Hugo Feenstra
Hugo Feenstra Vincent Mock
I would highly recommend the StoryMatters system. It is the best value for money I have ever experienced in my life.


We help Authors, Coaches, Experts, and Business Owners tell Powerful Stories that change lives.

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